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Cannabis and Hemp Insider

Your Source for Business and Financial Opportunities 


● CannabisTalks Videos: Conversations with management of cannabis, hemp, and CBD companies discussing their business and financial objectives, which could be opportunities for you!​


● CannaNews: Industry news on business transactions, financings, strategic relationships, partnerships, and financings.​

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Welcome to Cannabis and Hemp Insider

Featuring CannabisTalks video conversations with entrepreneurs and management of cannabis,  hemp, and CBD companies and businesses interested in connecting with management of industry companies.  


Watch CannabisTalks videos for conversations with company management and hear them discuss their:

  • Current operations

  • Plans for the future

  • Business and financial objectives 

Their business and financial objectives could be business or financial opportunities for you!

Our Featured CannabisTalks Videos

Conversations with management discussing their current operations, plans for the future and their business and financial goals and objectives, which could be opportunities for you.

About Our AI Connect Marketing Program

Combining the Impact of a CannabisTalks VIdeo Interview with

  • Our website and email distribution

  • Social media distribution

  • AI Enabled proprietary and targeted social media and digitial distribution 

  • Issuing a press release over a wire service regarding the new CannTalks video. (optional)


Our AI Connect Marketing Program is focused on company's business or financial objectives, and includes: ​

  • Exposure for products, services, technology, research, or development activities, including launches.

  • Strategic partners for research, development, marketing or distribution

  • Financial partners, including venture capital, family office, angel, and private  equity investtors.

  • Exposure for news, including using a CannabisTalks Video interview to explain recent company news or developments, and the implication of the news on your company's future​

  • ​Connecting providers of products, services or technology for cannabis, hemp, and CBD businesses. with targeted exposure  to appropriate industry businesses.

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