Deal of the Week

Our Deal of the Week video infomercial is a business-to-consumer (B2C) that enables companies with products, to reach consumers, and healthcare and medical practitioners through the power of a short video infomercial.”


While the infomercial video itself is important, more important is its distribution. We target its distribution based on your objectives and desired audience.  


Here are specifics on our “Deal of the Week” video infomercial marketing program:


  • The production of a Cannabis and Hemp Insider “Deal of the Week” video, an infomercial interview format hosted by Jeffrey Friedland, CEO of FC Global Strategies, the sponsor of Cannabis and Hemp Insider. (This is recorded remotely over Zoom and we have special software that captures the interview.)


  • Your Deal of the Week video infomercial is posted both at the Cannabis and Hemp Insider website and YouTube.  

  • Your Deal of the Week Video is emailed to 15,000+ individuals from our proprietary database, twice over a week, once typically during the week, and once during the weekend. Our email open rate ranges from 22% to 29% with a click-through rate of 4 - 6%, both of which are dependent on the subject content.


  • Your Deal of the Week Video is also posted to appropriate online sites, including  LinkedIn groups, totaling over 200,000 members, including five cannabis, hemp and CBD groups at LinkedIn, that we sponsor, most of which we formed in  2013. 


  • Your Deal of the Week Video can also be posted to your website, emailed by you to your customer list, and used for other company purposes. (We provide an email with the Deal of the Week video that is “ready to go.” 

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