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Our Marketing Process

Image by Ryan Lange
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Key to our Cannabis Opportunity Spotlight program is our process.

We believe in "leaving no stone unturned."

While we utilize the impact of a Cannabis Opportunity Spotlig video, the key to our program is our distribution.


​We combine general website, email, and social media distribution.

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A strategy call is held to enable  us to better understand your company, its current operations, and most importantly, your plans for the future and your business and financial objectives.

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Post production of your Cannabis Opportunity Spotlight video includes adding graphics, titles and inserting if desired, images or video clips.

Your email, phone, and/or website link is added to the video.

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We provide you with a copy of your CannabisTalks video, which you can post to social media, your website and  use for other company purposes. 

writing a script.jpeg


We prepare a script as an outline for your Cannabis Opportunity Spotlight video and send it to you for your review, suggestions,  and feedback.



Your Cannabis Opportunity Spotlight video is posted  to the Cannabis and Hemp Insider website. All  registered members receive an alert with the Cannabis Opportunity Spotlight video.

It is also distributed to our proprietary cannabis email distribution list. 

If your company also has financial or investment objectives, your Cannabis Opportunity Spotlight video can also be distributed to our proprietary cannabis-friendly investor database of 7,000+.

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We provide you with an email template featuring your CannabisTalks video. It can be sent to your customers, prospects, shareholders, and other business contacts.

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Your Cannabis Opportunity Spotlight Cannabis video is recorded over Google Meet. It can include up to three representatives from your company.

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Your CannabisTalks video is posted to appropriate social media groups, including the five cannabis related groups we sponsor at LinkedIn.

Our Marketing Process

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