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A conversation with George Furlan, CEO of Sentient Brands and investor Jon Doukas

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

"​Sentient Brands is positioned to become the next-level CBD product development and brand management company in the industry." 

About Sentient Brands

Sentient Brands is a premier brand management and operating company – steeped in the Cannabis market, but not of it –“ We bring unmatched expertise to a nascent, undifferentiated market”.

We develop and nurture next – generation consumer brands, with a focus on innovation and a passion for uniqueness.

Oeuvre -  the Company’s premier product line is a next generation luxury CBD lifestyle brand that wraps itself in the beauty experience.

Company Contact:

George Furlan, CEO and COO

Sentient Brands


Tel. 646-202-2897

This company description has been provided and approved by Sentient Brands.

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