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A conversation with Justin Monger, CEO of LockedBrands

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Justin discusses LockedBrands, its current product, the StashCan, the company's crowdfunding, and plans for the future.

About LockedBrands

  • LockedBrands provides real solutions for the opioid epidemic

  • A total addressible market of over 130M Americans

  • The StashCan is in production, launched and making sales and has significant features at a competitive price point

  • Motivated & Experienced Team - with relevant industry experience

  • Gen 2, the Secured med Manager, has H/W, SaaS and Compliance Data revenue streams

  • IP Protection: Utility patents and CIPs filed

Company Contact:

Justin Monger, CEO

Tel. 310-990-7507

This company description has been provided by and/or approved by LockedBrands.


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