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Blue Gem Hemp seeks to disrupt the CBD industry

Blue Gem Hemp proudly innovated the Next-Gen botanical extraction method, by augmenting AI & Machine Learning, into their extraction machines. Your Wellness! Our Passion!”— Irfan Sadiq

While the market-place is flooded with many types of CBD products, and it seems to be an ever-changing landscape. It is an established fact, that not all CBD extracts are created equally. While the masses are leveraging, old technologies and extraction methodologies, such as CO2, solvent based or rosin press. There's a company (Blue Gem Hemp) on a mission to provide the most purest organic hemp (cannabis) extract, by integrating AI and Machine learning stacks into their unique, state-of-the-art scientific botanical extraction method. Their proprietary innovated scientific, extraction method and formulation is a true paradigm shift in the Cannabis / CBD Industry and the botanical extraction realm. Blue Gem Hemp specializes in full-spectrum cannabis extract, since it contains the whole-plant based rich phytonutrients, that aren't found in the CBD Isolates, or other forms. Blue Gem Hemp's scientific extraction method is a direct result of advancements of the, molecular-biology and biochemistry. The company believes in continuous innovation of science backed botanical extraction formulations and methodologies. Blue Gem Hemp's innovated CBD extraction method is forever free of any synthetical chemicals, alcohols, solvents or any artificial flavorings. Blue Gem's proprietary extraction method, intact all of the cannabinoids (including but not limited to, CBD, CBG, THC, THCV, CBN, CBC, CBDV (etc.), flavonoids, terpenoids (terpenes), and chlorophyll, naturally found in the chemovar of hemp (cannabis sativa). Their research & development scientists, pay close attention to the details of the entire process from seed-bottle. "Scientific advancements, and Innovation is in Blue Gem's DNA, and full-spectrum CBD extraction is all we do, and there are many compelling scientific reasons behind that, says, Rudaba Naqvi. The co-founder & CEO of Blue Gem Hemp." Blue Gem Hemp is a proud minority and women owned, health and wellness company on a mission to improve lives and wellness of its consumers (humans and pets).


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