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Cornbread Hemp is challenging the entire CBD industry with its Flower-Only full spectrum product lin

Cornbread Hemp, a USDA-certified organic CBD brand, is challenging the CBD industry by introducing its Flower-Only™ full spectrum CBD product line in a new video, timed for National CBD Day on August 8. This family-owned CBD startup takes aim at America’s biggest CBD brands by offering consumers a higher quality product than the current industry standard. This viral video, starring Cornbread co-founder Jim Higdon, is its latest call to action. “Did you know that most CBD oil is garbage?” Cornbread Hemp co-founder Jim Higdon asks. The video uses orange juice as a metaphor to educate consumers on the difference between Flower-Only™ and whole-plant CBD products.

“CBD consumers might not like being told that their CBD products are filled with garbage, but we use plain language in our video because CBD industry jargon can be confusing,” Higdon said. “Orange juice, on the other hand, is simple. Everyone understands orange juice.”

Cornbread Hemp pioneered its Flower-Only™ process by exclusively using the flower of the hemp plant to create its superior CBD products. The current industry standard uses every part of the plant that grows above ground, often called “aerial parts” on the product label. These extra plant parts have virtually no cannabinoid content and only serve as filler, which makes the final product taste bitter and grassy.

“Consumers recognize Cornbread Hemp for its USDA-certified organic products, but our biggest secret is that our organic products are made from Flower-Only™ full spectrum hemp extract,” Higdon added. “We want consumers to know that there’s finally a better option. CBD just got an upgrade.”

About Cornbread Hemp Founded in 2019, Cornbread Hemp offers CBD oils, CBD creams, and CBD gummies made with their USDA organic, Flower-Only™ full spectrum hemp extract, which contains the highest legal levels of THC and minor cannabinoids. Additionally, every Cornbread Hemp product has been third-party lab tested and is protected by a tamper-proof seal of authenticity.

Featured in Health Magazine, Healthline, Forbes, Rolling Stone and sold online and in retail locations across the country, Kentucky-based Cornbread Hemp is changing the CBD industry with its commitment to quality, transparency, and customer service.


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