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Denver-based Decarbitation launches 2 and 25 gallon cannabis decarboxylation systems

Decarbitation launched its website as well brand new 2 and 25 gallon systems for the decarboxylation of cannabis on February 2nd

DecarbitationTM Inc. would like to announce that they will officially be launching their new website and cannabis decarboxylation systems on February 2, 2022, at 2:22pm MST. Cannabinoids like THC begin in what is called the “acid” form (THCA) where a carboxylic acid is present. The acid form is not psychoactive in the human body, but if it is “decarboxylated” it becomes psychoactive. This is a simple chemical process where a CO2 group is removed, transforming compounds such as THCA to THC. Decarboxylation is typically accomplished by heating the product, but often there is significant degradation of cannabinoids, terpenes and other valuable compounds through excessive temperature or scorching. Decarboxylation is an important step in cannabis processing. Smoking and vaping naturally cause decarboxylation, however, edibles, tinctures, and anything else ingested without heat will not reach a high enough temperature for activation to occur. That’s where DecarbitationTM steps in to provide: · Decarboxylation at unprecedented efficiencies · Precision temperature control · Yield improvements of 10% or greater compared to conventional technology · 99% cannabinoid activation in 30 minutes · A typical return on investment of less than 1 season Utilizing Dacarbitation's patented ShockWave Power controlled cavitation technology, the DecarbitationTM System performs decarboxylation of cannabis at efficiencies greater than 99%. Conventional decarboxylation often results in significant degradation of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other value compounds. Decarbitation's patented controlled cavitation method with precision temperature control allows maximum levels of terpenes and cannabinoids to be maintained, saving the users money with increased efficiency. About Decarbitation Inc. DecarbitationTM is a subsidiary of Hydro Dynamics, Inc. of Rome, GA. Hydro Dynamics's ShockWave Power technology can now be found on six continents in applications ranging from biodiesel production to hops extraction for beer. DecarbitationTM provides customers with process solutions that can save money, increase production, reduce waste and create higher quality products.

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