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Family Office Cannabis Investment Club Launches

Family Office Networks announced today the official launch of the exclusive Family Office Cannabis Investment Club as a membership-only group designed to help family offices and other ultra-high net worth investors to get access to unique deal flow and due diligence on private and public cannabis deals and funds in a confidential setting. The club's primary focus is always on educating and informing members of deals, rules and regulations. The club will kick-off later this month with a private virtual event for current club members. Twice a month meetings of the group will be held year-round.

"The number of family offices has quintupled in the last five years and many of these leading family offices are looking for small, exclusive investment clubs. The new Exclusive Family Office Cannabis Investment Club is intended to help these families compare notes about top-tier cannabis deals, often for co-investment with other families. Together we are able to share the cost of due diligence and negotiate better terms. We've been doing this informally for the last few years and are now formalizing the process," said Andrew Schneider founder of Family Office Investment Clubs.

"As FON continues to add member benefits and dedicated resources to create additional value for its members in new and emerging industry sectors, cannabis is certainly at the forefront. We are seeing incredible deal flow and are available to help families vet investment opportunities and identify unique opportunities. There is an old adage that says, 'Some of the best deals you do are the ones you don't do' and that is true right now in the cannabis sector," said Jordan Tritt and Dean Porter, Managing Partners of the Family Office Cannabis Investment Club.

In addition to the new Exclusive Family Office Cannabis Investment Club, over the next two months, FON will open 7-10 additional investment clubs focused on Fintech, Women's Investment Club, Crypto and Digital Assets, Real Estate, New York City and Palm Beach.

Additional exclusive clubs will be added throughout the year and interested families are encouraged to suggest new ideas. Issuers are also invited to inquire about participating in Family Office Networks' exclusive new investment clubs since families continually seek exposure to new offerings.

Family Office Networks is unique in that it has the strongest distribution network of family offices seeking to allocate which is a proven competitive advantage and these exclusive new investment clubs bring investors together with the intent of getting deals funded and closed in a more efficient manner. Typical deals range from $10-$100 million and span various industries.

The process of applying to join the investment club begins with an investment committee review or the applicant and/or firm that includes a third party reference, verification of net worth, and a board vote. Membership is not guaranteed as the Exclusive Family Office Investment Clubs are seeking members who meet strict financial requirements and present the best strategic fit for the group. Once approved, investment club members are part of a tight-knit exclusive group of their peers, are able to reach out to other members, and benefit from regular meetings, specialized publications, thought leadership, proprietary deal access, exclusive events, valuable discounts, and more.

For any questions or information on joining any of the Exclusive Family Office Investment Clubs, or if you are a cannabis business interested in presenting to our group, please contact Andy at

About Family Office Networks Family Office Networks is the premier global community for families to share information and intelligence. The team works with a select group of top tier investment managers and sponsors who offer substantial families' access to stellar investment opportunities in areas such as real estate, venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds. In addition, Family Office Networks shares timely thought leadership on topics related to portfolio management, philanthropy, multi-generational wealth management, compliance and regulation, risk management, insurance, training and education. The website is the hub of Family Office Networks with 500,000 users, including 10,000 family offices, and is a go-to resource for news related to family offices.

SOURCE Family Office Networks


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