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HEF Finance closes on $7 Million of debt to acquire three Michigan cannabis dispensaries

HEF Finance, a commercial finance house, and direct lender, closes another cannabis business loan for $7 million for the acquisition of 3 dispensaries.

HEF Finance, the premier specialty finance house catering to the cannabis industry among others, is delighted to announce the successful execution of a $7 million loan for the acquisition of three prominent cannabis dispensaries in the state of Michigan. This landmark transaction underscores HEF Finance's commitment to overcoming the unique legal and financial challenges faced by cannabis businesses that impact their access to traditional banking and capital.

With an impressive track record of underwriting hundreds of millions of dollars in cannabis loans over the past several years, HEF Finance has emerged as a trusted partner for the cannabis industry, offering tailored financial solutions that navigate the complexities of the regulatory environment.

"This significant loan for the acquisition of three Michigan cannabis dispensaries exemplifies our dedication to supporting the growth and development of the cannabis sector," stated Kirk Gill, of HEF Finance, a division of Honor Enterprise Funding LLC. "We recognize the obstacles that cannabis businesses face, and we are proud to provide strategic financial assistance that empowers them to seize opportunities and thrive in this challenging landscape."

Traditionally, cannabis entrepreneurs seeking loans have faced challenges with most banks offering limited or no options for debt financing. HEF Finance's ability to structure and orchestrate a substantial loan for this acquisition demonstrates its expertise in addressing the industry-specific needs of cannabis businesses.

The Michigan cannabis market is poised for continued growth, and this acquisition positions the three dispensaries to capitalize on the expanding demand for high-quality cannabis products. HEF Finance's support plays a pivotal role in fostering business expansion, generating employment opportunities, and contributing to the overall success of the state's cannabis industry.

For more information about HEF Finance and its innovative financial services tailored to the cannabis industry, please visit

About HEF Finance:

HEF Finance is a specialty finance house dedicated to serving the unique needs of the cannabis industry, as well as others that require the speed and creativity that traditional financing does not accommodate. With a proven track record of successfully underwriting cannabis loans and a deep understanding of the legal and financial challenges facing the sector, HEF Finance is a trusted partner for cannabis businesses seeking growth and financial stability. HEF Finance serves all industries in the United States.

Source: HEF FInance

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