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Hempu Time collaborates with Yunnan Baiyao to add CBD to traditional Chinese medicine

By synergizing CBD with other medicinal herbal ingredients, Hempu TIme’s Spray reinforces its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects as a transdermal analgesic

Hempu Time Inc., a Chinese hemp company, has been promoting traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and cannabidiol (CBD) by collaborating with Yunnan Baiyao, a time-honored TCM pharmaceutical company in China.

Hempu Time has synergized TCM and CBD in multiple products, launching its 1st CBD pain relieving spray with a subsidiary of Yunnan Baoyao in November 2021 and pain-away patches in February 2022.

Compared with ordinary topical sprays, the pain-relieving spray distributed by Hempu Time contains CBD, which is documented in studies to be effective in reducing inflammation and alleviating chronic pains. By synergizing with other medicinal herbal ingredients, the Spray reinforces its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects as a transdermal analgesic, according to Ji Han, CEO of Hempu Time.

According to a research conducted by Hempu Time and Yunnan Baiyao, the formulas combining TCM and CBD are conducive to releasing pains and maintaining the inner balance of bodies.

With a history of over 5,000 years, hemp is an important economic crop in China. It has broad applications in medicines, foods, textiles, and cosmetics, said Peng Yuande, a researcher from the Institute of Bast Fiber Crops of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. "CBD extracted from hemp is highly effective at treating epilepsy, reported by internationally recognized medical journals," Peng said.

The medical properties of hemp – a kind of TCM – and CBD are similar, according to Hempu Time.

Back 1,800 years ago, traditional Chinese clinicians were aware of hemp's effects on pain relief and easing inflammation. Hemp, which CBD is extracted from, is one of the 50 herbs recorded in "Shennong Bencaojing" ("Classic of the Materia Medica"), the oldest Chinese book on agriculture and medicinal plants.

Since discovering the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the 1990s, scientists have conducted more research and concluded that the ECS, which existed in human bodies and animals, was crucial to stay healthy, and the CBD could regulate the ECS.

Both TCM and Western medicine recognize ECS's essential role in human physical health. TCM believes that inflammation is the main reason for pains, which corresponds with CBD's primary function of reducing inflammation..

As modern science probes more into CBD, scientists suggest new methods to combine traditional Chinese herbs and CBD to amplify medical effects. That is what Hempu Time has been striving for during the past decade, Ji said.


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