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Infinity Supercritical launches oil extractor for topical use or skin cream for the consumer market

Infinity Supercritical Announces DIY Countertop Hemp Botanical Oil Extractor and Skin Cream Maker

Infinity Supercritical LLC, is introducing its DIY at-home hemp oil extractor that uses water or plant oil to extract full spectrum oil for topical use or making skin cream. The new system can be used with any organic botanical plant or flower, including lavender, flax, black seed, and vanilla. Mixing and formulation happens simultaneously in the same container.

Our induction magnetic mixing system can be used to organically extract plant oil and make skin cream in the same Mason jar to produce an eco-extracted oil, that can be organic branded. A pump-top on the jar allows the mixed oil extraction to be dispensed at the same time. Less handling means less oxidation and a pure product. Most commercially processed oils or skin creams have been sitting for months in transit from overseas, which necessitates chemical additives to increase shelf-life.

Making at-home botanical extractions is a quality-assured method to produce chemical free oils and skin creams for organic farm-to-table products. This method of formulation is faster and provides a fresher product.

Infinity Supercritical offers a visionary future for chemical free and quality full-spectrum hemp CBD and healthy plant oil extraction, by touch-free processing technology using water or plant oil as the solvent. Contacts G. Giese | CEO | Infinity Supercritical LLC |

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