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Kalo Hemp Seltzer adds four flavors and increases distribution to ten states

Kaló, a handcrafted, locally-sourced hemp-infused seltzer, today announced the expansion of its product portfolio to include four summer-ready new flavors: Black Cherry, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Ginger Lemonade and Blood Orange Mango. Crafted with the same premium, water-soluble hemp extract which gives the original product portfolio its signature rapid-onset effect, Kaló's newest seltzer flavors are designed to help consumers feel good faster without sacrificing great taste.

"Kaló answers consumer demand for a fast-acting, feel-good beverage that delivers the powerful wellness benefits of hemp-derived cannabinoids without derailing your day," said Ken VandeVrede, CEO of Hillview, Kalo's parent company. "Our flavors are carefully crafted using only the most premium ingredients, delivered in a patented water-soluble formula that produces desired effects in under five minutes."

Kaló seltzers are sold in 12-oz sleek cans featuring 15 mg of high grade, full-spectrum hemp, with only 15 calories, five ingredients and two grams of sugar in each Kosher-certified can. The expanded line will be sold in a four-flavor variety 4 pack, including:

  • Black Cherry | 12 oz; 15 mg hemp

  • Ruby Red Grapefruit | 12 oz; 15 mg hemp

  • Ginger Lemonade | 12 oz; 15 mg hemp

  • Blood Orange Mango | 12 oz; 15 mg hemp

These four new flavors join Kaló's four best-selling classic flavors, including Lemon Lavender, Strawberry Watermelon, Raspberry Lime and Pomegranate Peach. Since launching in 2020, Kaló has quietly grown to become one of America's top three hemp-infused sparkling beverages by building a robust retail channel, scaling from one Tier A beverage distribution partnership to 12 in the span of a year. Kalo can be purchased in high traffic convenience stores, natural markets and independent grocery stores in these ten states: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

"With Kaló, it's our ambition to be the go-to infused beverage brand of the East, a region that is embracing hemp-based products and rapidly adopting legal cannabis," said VandeVrede. "With eight hemp-infused seltzers in the market and a THC beverage on the way, we're focused on building strong retail partnerships and brand fans in our own backyard, with plans to expand our retail footprint nationwide within the year."

Kaló - which means "good" in Greek, was created by Hillview, a New Jersey-based, family-owned agricultural technology innovator and medical marijuana company, which provides Kaló with full-spectrum hemp of the highest quality, rich in naturally occurring cannabinoids, vitamins and nutrients. The founding family has been a leader in the agriculture industry for over 50 years and is the leading greenhouse supplier in the country. Hillview received one of New Jersey's first-ever hemp cultivation licenses and grows hemp locally out of its own state of the art greenhouse facility. From seed to sale, and the technology in between. The company prides itself on scalable operations that can meet market demands—now and in the future. Their mission is understanding the complexities of hemp and cannabis genetics to provide patients with a top tier product.

Kaló seltzers are 100% vegan, gluten-free and kosher certified. Each seltzer is infused with full spectrum hemp, which captures the full range of nutrient-packed phytochemicals the hemp plant has to offer. The beverage is formulated with patent-pending, water-soluble hemp extract which absorbs through the stomach lining upon consumption, rather than through the liver as with traditional hemp oils.

To locate a Kaló retailer near you or purchase online, visit

ABOUT KALÓ Kaló is a handcrafted, locally sourced hemp-infused seltzer, designed to make a stress-free day accessible to all. Founded in October 2019, the seltzer is made with a proprietary patent-pending Full-Spectrum Extraction process that transfers all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, vitamins, and nutrients from the hemp plant while delivering a clean taste from its natural flavors. Kaló was created and is a subsidiary of Hillview is created by Hillview, the company is headquartered in New Jersey and its hemp is grown throughout New Jersey. For more information and to order your own, go to

ABOUT HILLVIEW Building on a rich heritage in agriculture, Hillview, a New Jersey-based corporation, is dedicated to growing and manufacturing high-quality, safe and effective cannabis and hemp products that support the well-being of every lifestyle. By investing heavily in science and technology, Hillview is leading the hemp and legal cannabis industries in the next generation of cannabis and hemp derived products. Promising transparency and accountability to its consumers, each and every one of its cannabis and hemp derived products is independently third-party lab tested and fully traceable. Hillview owns and operates multiple cultivation and manufacturing facilities, several of which are compliant with the highest certifications including GMP-Compliant, GFSI Certified and USDA Certified Organic. Hillview believes in doing business ethically and partnering with like-minded organizations who share its vision to responsibly advance the cannabis and hemp industries. For more information, visit



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