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Leafreport: 60% of CBD sleep products have mislabeled ingredient levels

The results of this research are shocking and continue to illustrate the need for a more transparent CBD industry (“Leafreport” or “the Company”) announced today the release of a study reporting 60% of tested CBD products currently marketed for sleep contained the wrong amounts of CBD, CBN, and/or melatonin. Leafreport is a leading online reviewer of CBD products founded to provide accurate, evidence-backed information about CBD directly to consumers through unbiased reviews, a searchable database, buying guides, and detailed market reports.

For this study, the company purchased 52 CBD sleep products including gummies, tinctures, and capsules. Leafreport also engaged Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs, an accredited third-party cannabis testing laboratory. Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs measured CBD, CBN, and melatonin levels in each product and sent back Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for each product.

Leafreport discovered more than half (60%) of the 52 tested products contained active ingredients like CBD, CBN, and melatonin that were off from the labeled strength by over 10% compared to the amounts of the active ingredients reported on the CoAs.

Here’s a look at key findings:

  • Two out of three products tested that contained melatonin had inaccurate levels.

  • One product had no melatonin at all, while two others had 3-5 times the labeled amount

  • Products containing two of the tested ingredients were less accurate than those containing one or all three, with only 29% matching the label.

  • Over half of the products containing CBD had inaccurate CBD levels

  • Almost half of the products containing CBN had inaccurate CBN levels

  • Capsules performed the best out of any product category, with 50% matching the label, followed by 40% of gummies, and 30% of tinctures

  • Out of 9 products containing all three tested ingredients, 5 (55.6%) matched the label but only one did so for every ingredient

  • Out of 32 products advertised to contain broad or full-spectrum CBD, 25% were mislabeled

“Frankly, the results of this research are shocking and continue to illustrate the need for a more transparent CBD industry,” said Gal Shapira, Product Manager at Leafreport. “Consumers need to know when they buy CBD products that there are certain quality standards being met. Leafreport exists to help these same consumers make better-informed decisions about what they put into their bodies. We see this report as a critical service to help consumers ensure they buy products that actually work.”

To view the Sleep Report, click here. Understanding the need for good quality products, and using this report and data from other reports, Leafreport has compiled a list of the best CBD oil , which you can view here. Leafreport also released a list of best CBD sleep products, which you can see here. To learn more about how Leafreport selects the best CBD products, click here.

About Leafreport:

Leafreport is a science-based, peer-reviewed website designed to help consumers navigate the landscape of CBD. The company’s mission is to introduce transparency into the CBD industry through its patient-focused, educational content and medical reviews. The company’s medical review team consists of physicians, chemists, nutritionists, pharmacists, and naturopaths.

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