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Midwestern-based disruptor, Keoni CBD, Acquires Blush Wellness Brand

Kentucky’s Premier CBD Company Expands its Female Offerings with Women-Focused Beauty and Wellness Brand Acquisition

Keoni CBD, a Midwestern-based disruptor in the CBD space, has announced its acquisition of Blush Wellness and it’s proprietary women-focused CBD and cosmetics today.

“Blush provides a wide array of beauty and wellness products aimed at reducing the signs of aging and relieving menstrual cycle discomfort,” said Brent Garr, CEO at Wellness Brands. “We are excited and proud to add Blush to our growing family of brands and plan to bring these new high-end CBD products to our online retail store and local boutiques.”

Blush Wellness offers two product lines curated for female beauty and wellness. Their Blush beauty products combine high quality ingredients from the beauty industry with broad-spectrum CBD to soothe skin and hair while reducing daily stress. Blush wellness products offer relief for the body and mind by fusing broad-spectrum CBD with essential oils and vitamins.

Keoni CBD is committed to offering high quality CBD products to their diverse clientele. Through Blush, Keoni aims to expand their product line to best serve the needs of the female CBD market.

Blush beauty and wellness products are available for purchase on their website.

For more information about Keoni and Blush, visit and Follow to stay updated on all things Keoni CBD.

Keoni CBD is an American, Mid-Western company that’s composed of a team of highly dedicated individuals working synergistically to provide everyone with easier access to high quality CBD products that enhance their lifestyle. Guided by the principle of ensuring efficacy, simplicity, sustainability, and balance of Mother Nature’s goodness, Keoni continues to be one of the fastest growing CBD companies in the country focused on providing affordable quality CBD infused oils, edibles, and topicals to address customer’s challenges with sleep, anxiety, and pain relief. Last October, Keoni debuted Keoni Sport.


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