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Nabis announces three exclusive distribution partnerships for its cannabis wholesale platform

Exclusive Partnerships to Bring Technology-Backed Logistics and Streamlined Distribution Services to Brands

-Nabis, the leading licensed cannabis wholesale platform in the world’s largest legal cannabis market, today announced three new exclusive distribution partnerships with beloved California-born brands: Papa’s Herb, Humboldt Farms, and Friendly Farms. Legal state cannabis retailers will now have access to the Papa’s Herb nostalgic product line made “by the people, for the people,” in addition to Humboldt Farms’ sun-grown flower and concentrates, and Friendly Farms’ TruSpectrum™ extracts. Using Nabis’ marketplace logistics, technology, and short-term financing solutions, these brands will be able to accelerate their growth across the state.

“As an operator that understands the ever-changing nuances of the cannabis industry, Nabis’ technology-backed model was quickly identified as the best partner to support us in expanding our footprint.” Tweet this

“We were looking for a new distribution platform that could not only help us scale, but guide our sales activities in California’s complex market,” said Max Benitah, COO of Papa’s Herb. “As an operator that understands the ever-changing nuances of the cannabis industry, Nabis’ technology-backed model was quickly identified as the best partner to support us in expanding our footprint.”

The Nabis portal offers all of its partners a comprehensive suite of supply chain management tools, tech-forward logistics to inform business strategy, and access to Nabis Capital—a user-friendly financial service integrated directly into the portal, designed to support the volatile cash cycles often created by selling to retailers on net terms. Additionally, Nabis’ one-stop-shop marketplace platform enables streamlined communications and timely distribution deliveries between brands and retailers.

“Nabis’ unique platform offers brands and retailers the ability to buy, sell, and communicate with each other directly, while also sharing the goal of stabilizing and growing the state’s industry and accessibility,” said Zach Rubin, Co-Founder of Humboldt Farms. “We have a rich history in California, having always maintained a strong focus on fostering our community and nurturing our close retailer relationships, so this was important to us in choosing an exclusive partner.”

As the California cannabis market continues to face consolidations, brands and retailers are becoming more reliant on the success of robust, holistic solutions like Nabis’ marketplace for wholesale fulfillment across the state’s supply chain. Utilizing a tech-forward approach, Nabis’ tools help brand partners strengthen their operations.

“California brands’ continued decisions to move their entire portfolio over to our wholesale platform and utilize the Nabis Capital service, further emphasizes the financial impact that distribution and supply chain management carries in our industry,” said Jun S. Lee, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Nabis.

“These partnerships speak to continued industry trends that our model is designed to service, and we are proud to support Papa’s Herb, Humboldt Farms, and Friendly Farms in exponentially scaling their brands across the state.”

Learn more about Nabis’ model and distribution services at

About Nabis

Nabis is the #1 licensed cannabis wholesaling platform in California, supporting over 300 exclusive brands and supplying the entire network of state-licensed dispensaries with top-tier products. Nabis offers clients lightning-fast fulfillment, warehousing, payment processing, financing, data analytics, sales and marketing services to enable more brands and retailers to innovate, launch and scale. Founded in 2018 by serial tech entrepreneurs Vince C. Ning and Jun S. Lee, Nabis is fueled by cutting-edge technology designed to support cannabis wholesaling between brands and retailers. Nabis works directly with its partners to streamline the regulated cannabis wholesaling process by leveraging actionable, industry-leading sales data and insights to help brands and retailers scale strategically. Learn more:

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