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PureVita labs opens cannabis and hemp testing lab in Rhode Island

PureVita Labs Opens Cannabis and Hemp Analytical Testing Lab in Rhode Island Doctor, Chemist Team Design Lab to be the Leading Marijuana Testing Facility in the Region

PureVita Labs, a 6,800 square-foot facility designed to be the premier cannabis and hemp testing and analytics laboratory in the New England region, has been licensed by the Department of Health to sample and test marijuana for potency and contaminants.

PureVita Labs offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art rapid regulatory testing and consultative services to the licensed marijuana industry in Rhode Island. Founded by doctors, Jason Iannuccilli, MD, and Jonathan Martin, MD, and highly experienced PhD cannabis chemist, Stuart Procter, PureVita Labs ensures that commercially available marijuana products are safe and accurately labeled for potency as a preliminary step in the company’s mission to build the credibility of the ‘legal’ cannabis industry in the eyes of its patients and consumers.

The goal of PureVita Labs is to lead the industry toward the next phase of maturation—crafting accurately labeled and consistently manufactured product lines that are specifically designed for purposeful use. The lab was born to fulfill an unmatched need in the industry to deliver a reliable, scientifically based standard methodology to allow patients to control their individual dose and overall predictability of a product’s intended therapeutic effects.

“We have worked tirelessly to build an ideal solution to the problems that have plagued the reputation and integrity of the state-licensed cannabis industries across the United States,” said Jason Iannuccilli, Co-founder. “High quality analytical laboratories are imperative to assure consumers of the accuracy of product labels, and they are the only thing that stands to prevent potentially-harmful contaminated products from reaching the public. Our premier laboratory services are mutually beneficial to consumers, state governing bodies, cannabis cultivators, product manufacturers and licensed retail centers alike, and are designed to help Rhode Island’s Medical Marijuana Program achieve regional excellence so it might serve as an example of how this industry should function on a national level.”

PureVita Labs has been built very intentionally with the most state-of-the art analytical equipment and proprietary research methodologies to provide superior benefits to cultivators, manufacturers, and consumers alike. The approach will build the integrity of the licensed market - one that relies on science and data.

“In response to consumer demand for a more refined and consistent cannabis experience, PureVita Labs is setting a new standard in testing,” said Jonathan Martin, Co-founder. “We work with cultivators and dispensaries who truly care about the quality of their products and understand the value of reliable and meaningful data in the eyes of the modern consumer. What’s more, PureVita Labs is committed to provide fast and reliable service to a growing industry while working in tandem with regulatory bodies to avoid short-comings and pitfalls that have plagued other states.”

PureVita Labs’ advanced analytical protocols, including unique methodology for the most accurate on-site sampling, and rapid in-lab regulatory-compliant microbial analysis, maximize processing efficiency, minimize product loss, and dramatically reduce turn-around time for results reporting relative to the expected industry standard.

“The consultative data gleaned from PureVita Labs testing processes is incredibly valuable,” said Stuart Procter, Co-founder and Lab Director. “Our methodologies will allow us to decipher testing data, which in turn can be used to streamline operational efficiency and build consistency in product lines and brand credibility.”

PureVita Labs is turning the page in the Rhode Island marijuana story, allowing for increased testing capacity in the state, and more importantly, delivering safe, accurately labeled, and consistently manufactured medical marijuana products to patients and consumers.


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