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Real estate developer Qualive builds Portugal's first residental project using hempcrete blocks

Qualive Uses Sustainable Hemp Blocks In Historic Restoration Project

Porto-based real estate developer Qualive has developed Portugal's first residential project using locally manufactured Hempcrete blocks, a sustainable building material made out of hemp. Hempcrete blocks, highly regarded for their carbon sequestering capabilities and superior thermal mass, were used extensively throughout Qualive's coveted Paraiso project, an 18th century residential building restoration and volume addition in the up-and-coming Porto neighbourhood of Lapa.

The 5,000 Hempcrete blocks used in Paraiso were manufactured at a warehouse in Porto by architecture studio SKREI and its collaborators - a process that involves mixing hemp shiv and lime together to make Hempcrete before pouring into block moulds to dry.

With its excellent insulative qualities, low carbon manufacturing process and ability to absorb and emit moisture, Hempcrete masonry is ideal for use in historic building restoration projects like Paraiso. Unlike standard concrete blocks, Hempcrete blocks are breathable which leads to healthier buildings, particularly in wet climates like Porto's. While not a new material, Hempcrete construction is uncommon in commercial projects, mainly owing to its higher manufacturing cost when compared to standard concrete. But with the construction industry accounting for 38% of global CO2 emissions, Hempcrete is an emerging viable alternative to carbon-intensive concrete for sustainability-conscious developers.

Ziyou Tian, Founder and CEO of Qualive, said: "Not only is hempcrete a lightweight, sustainable material that works well structurally with historic building extensions like Paraiso but our commitment to using sustainable building materials and techniques has brought us like-minded investors and clients. A truly unique project like Paraiso is generating higher-than-average yield. The rental yield is 50% above market since its operation."

"Buildings have lasting impacts on their environment and contexts so we make sure we leave a positive mark where we build. More and more real estate investors and home owners are looking for products that fit with their ambitions and in our case, many of our investors and clients are drawn to our commitment to unique, sustainable, design-driven projects."

About Qualive Founded in 2016, Portuguese real-estate developer Qualive has since built a reputation for its design-driven, context specific, sustainable urban development projects that create long-term value for investors, customers and surrounding communities. To date, Qualive's women-led, multi-disciplinary team has successfully delivered five major residential projects across Lisbon, Porto and Evora to a total volume of €30 million.

SOURCE Qualive Real Estate Group

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