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Sugar launches original and peppermint flavored CREME cigarettes

  • CRÈME By Sugar premium hemp cigarettes launch with two classic flavors: Original and Peppermint

  • Each pack of handcrafted cigarettes includes more than 1,000 mg of CBD — with none of the harsh chemicals, pesticides or heavy metals.

In the burgeoning industry of hemp cigarettes, Sugar is setting itself apart from its competitors, promising the highest-quality lab-tested ingredients, a potent dose of CBD and the smoothest experience on the market. Now, with its proprietary hemp blend, Sugar is proud to launch CRÈME by Sugar cigarettes with two signature flavors: Original and Peppermint.

Sugar was established for one simple reason: because its founders were dissatisfied with the hemp cigarettes that were already on the market. The existing options were all bitter and harsh due to poor-quality ingredients. So, Sugar’s team set out to do better and craft the best hemp cigarette. They visited dozens of farms across America, sampling more than 40 varieties of hemp flower to find the smoothest taste. From there, three outstanding strains were used to create Sugar’s proprietary blend.

Unlike many of the major hemp cigarette brands, Sugar tests its flower for heavy metals and pesticides, adhering to California’s strict standards. But that’s just the beginning. From grinding and milling flower into the perfect consistency — and packing it to just the right density — to adding sweetened filter tips that enhance every puff, no detail is overlooked.

Sugar currently offers two ways to enjoy CRÈME cigarettes: Original and Peppermint. The Original blend allows smokers to savor Sugar’s premium hemp blend in its natural state — enhanced with Sugar’s signature Sweet Tip filter. Peppermint combines Sugar’s premium hemp with organic peppermint leaf, along with the company’s proprietary flavoring technique — delivering a delectable, mint-chocolate taste. Both varieties boast more than 1,000 mg of CBD in every pack. Additional flavor profiles are currently in the works and will be announced shortly.

“Our goal was to create a product that we could be passionate about,” says Sugar’s managing partner, William Hsu. “We didn’t want to rush the process. In the end, we succeeded in making a better tasting, smoother and higher-quality cigarette than our competitors.” Hsu continues, “Until we came along, there weren’t any good options because they were all bitter and harsh. Whether people are using hemp cigarettes to quit tobacco or simply want to smoke something enjoyable, they now have the best hemp cigarette on the market.”

CRÈME by Sugar can be purchased online, with free shipping, at For more information or wholesale inquiries, please visit or email


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