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A conversation with Chris Shreeve of Programetrix

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

"The challenges and opportunities of digital marketing for cannabis, hemp, and CBD companies"

About Programetrix

Seattle-based Programetrix provides programmatic campaign management services across Display, Mobile, Video, OTT, Digital Audio, Native, Social, and Paid Search channels.

Programetrix integrates turn-key ad tech and develops innovative campaign strategies to improve its clients' ad operations, brand-safety, and digital advertising ROI while saving them precious time.

About Cannabis and Hemp Insider Showcase

Canabis and Hemp Insider Showcase is a paid public relations and marketing service for technology, service or products for cannabis, hemp, and CBD companies. (For more information please email

About FC Global Strategies

FC Global Strategies provides services and programs to companies, including cannabis, hemp, and CBD companies.

For detailed information regarding these services and programs, please visit and


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