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UK-based ICE Head Shop launches new CBD product line

ICE Head Shop Announce New Range of CBD Products Following Increased Customer Demand

ICE Head Shop, a leading distributor of trusted CBD products in the UK, have today announced a substantial expansion of their product line following an increase in customer demand.

The expansion of their online shop sees the distributor add new lines of juices, gummies, seeds, oils and more, combining some of the most well-known brands in the market with new, vetted and exciting products for customers to purchase online.

For over 10 years, ICE Head Shop have been at the forefront of the CBD boom, leading the way when it comes to advice and guidance, alongside testing and recommending products that meet the needs of their customer base. Below, we outline the new range of CBD products added to the ICE Head online shop, following increased customer demand and further growth in their business:

New CBD Vape Juice ICE Head Shop have introduced a new range of CBD vape juice which is influenced by some of the most popular purchases on their online shop. Consisting of a wide variety of flavours and strengths, including blueberry, tropical, strawberry, blood orange, lemon and many more, the new range is available to buy in bulk, in gift sets and as starter packs.

New CBD Oil Already a leading stockiest of CBD Oil UK, ICE Head Shop have expanded their product line to include new oils and variations on popular classics. Available in bottles and tinctures, these oils can be consumed orally, vaped, or rubbed onto the skin, with the latter being a particularly popular choice for alleviating stress and pain through massages.

New Cannabis Seeds If cannabis seeds are more your thing, an expansion of the seeds available to purchase online gives customers more choice than ever. Fan favourites, including Kush, Window X and Critical X and all now available to purchase, alongside new and exciting options for customers to explore and provide their feedback on.

New CBD Gummies CBD gummies are a popular choice as their easy to consume, are edible, and can be purchased in packet or tub quantities. ICE Head Shop have worked with some of the leading and most popular brands in the current market to put together a product line that gives customers unrivaled choice when it comes to purchasing gummies and edibles.

How to explore the new range of CBD products from ICE Head Shop ICE Head Shop have operated online for over a decade. In that time, they’ve become a leading and trusted CBD product distributor, providing insight, advice and expert guidance on this ever-growing and increasingly popular market.

You can explore the new range of CBD products, including vape juices, oils, cannabis seeds UK, gummies and edibles by visiting the ICE Head online shop. There’s lots of popular brands and new lines to browse, and plenty of special offers to help customers save money.

Their products are legal, do not contravene the 2016 NPS bill, and are safe to use. Further information on this, the new range of products and the ICE points scheme can be found via their website, within their FAQ’s section, or by contacting the team.

More Information ICE Headshop is the leading CBD store in the UK and a smartshop for all of your high-quality ranges and accessories. Our team have been online for over 10 years and have all the experience, knowledge and expertise you need. Trusted, reliable, and constantly updating our stock to bring you the best premium products, we’re truly passionate about CBD, e-liquids cannabis seeds and more:

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