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UK's Orange County CBD close to obtaining Food Standards Agency approval for CBD products

Orange County CBD's Award-Winning CBD Gummies

Orange County CBD nears FSA approval for 424 products, a significant feat in the uncertain CBD market, showcasing commitment to quality and safety

Orange County CBD, an industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality CBD products, has achieved a significant milestone by receiving the Food Standards Agency's (FSA) Novel Foods validation for the penultimate stage of the approval process for 424 of its products. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the company's dedication to quality and excellence, as out of the 2,800 CBD products that have advanced to this stage of validation (out of an initial submission of over 50,000), 424 of them bear the Orange County CBD name.

The FSA's acknowledgement and validation of Orange County CBD's comprehensive product data, which includes lab testing, toxicology studies, and manufacturing standards, demonstrates the firm's unwavering commitment to providing safe, high-quality and efficacious CBD products to its customers in the UK and EU. With only one step remaining in the process, Orange County CBD is poised to become one of the first fully authorised CBD companies to operate with the FSA's endorsement, placing it at the forefront of the competitive industry.

The journey towards this momentous occasion has been paved with hard work, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail. Orange County CBD has invested significant time and resources into refining its products and ensuring that every step of the production process meets or exceeds the rigorous standards set forth by the FSA and other regulatory bodies. This accomplishment not only positions the company as an industry leader, but also serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality CBD products available on the market.

As the Novel Foods validation enters its final stages, Orange County CBD is firmly focused on the work that lies ahead. Achieving full authorisation from the FSA is no small feat, and the company understands there is still much to be done to secure this prestigious endorsement. However, the progress made thus far is a clear indication that Orange County CBD is on the right track, and the company is poised to set a new benchmark for excellence within the CBD industry

The impending FSA endorsement is expected to have far-reaching implications, not only for Orange County CBD but for the entire CBD market as well. By earning the FSA's trust and demonstrating that its product data is satisfactory and complete, Orange County CBD is helping to pave the way for other CBD manufacturers to follow suit, ushering in a new era of transparency, safety, and quality within the industry. This, in turn, will provide customers with the peace of mind they deserve when choosing a CBD product, knowing that they are investing in a brand that prioritises their health and wellbeing above all else.

In conclusion, Orange County CBD's achievement of the FSA Novel Foods second to final stage validation for 424 of its products is a monumental milestone in the company's journey towards becoming one of the first fully authorised CBD companies to operate with the FSA's endorsement in the UK and EU. This accomplishment showcases the company's commitment to quality, safety, and sets the stage for a bright future in which Orange County CBD continues to lead the way in the rapidly evolving world of CBD products.

Source: Orange County CBD


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