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Our Marketing Process

Image by John Schnobrich

What differentiates our AI Connect Marketing Program is our proprietary distribution​

Our distribution  of your CannabisTalks video consists of a  combination of  general and very targeted distribution.


We cast a "wide  net" and also target recipients based  on your business and  financial  objectives - a "rifle"  approach.

News Release Announcing Your CannabisTalks Video

We prepare and release through a wire service a news release featuring your  CannabisTalks VIdeo, which we'll submit to you for approval prior to its release.

The news release will be:

  • Syndicated on major news outlets and publications, sent directly to targeted journalists, delivered directly to newsrooms, published on social media and "pushed through" to mobile devices. 

  • Immediately picked up by radio and TV station news sites.

  • Featured at local websites of CBS, Fox, and NBC affiliates, and dozens of radio station websites.

DIstribution of Your CannabisTalks Video

  • Your CannabisTalks video is posted at the Cannabis and  Hemp Insider  website with all registered  members receiving  an  alert.  

  •  Your CannabisTalks video is distributed to our proprietary email list

  • Your CannabisTalks video is posted to select social  media, including the LinkedIn groups we sponsor: ​​

    1. Cannabis and CBD Influencer

    2. Cannabis Funding and Investment

    3. Cannabis Investor

    4. Cannabis, Hemp and CBD - Branding. Marketing, and Sales Strategies

    5. Cannabis Medical and Recreational Insider

  • Your CannabisTalks video is distributed through our Google News Publisher so its also picked up by the Google News Alert Service.

  • Our proprietary artificial intelligence is utilized to target specific recipients  to receive  your CannabisTalks video based on factors including your business and  financial  objectives, your location and the recipients industry or sector. This can  include:

    • Cannabis processors and  manufacturers of infused  products

    • Canabis dispensaries and  retail  stores

    • Hemp  cultivators

    • Hemp processors and manufacturers of infused products

  • Cannabis  cultivators

Image by Markus Spiske
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